Mapping Time


Map shows direct and indirect supporting program and positions received by scholars from or in Turkey; those are 25 units of direct supports & fellowships & projects and 24 units of indirect fellowships & funds & projects & positions.

The type of node (dark green) “direct supporters & fellowship & project” contains all funds under calls aimed at at-risk scholars. However, the type of node (light green) “indirect fellowship & funds & projects & recipients & positions” refers to funds (and etc.) are general calls, not specifically aimed at-risk scholars whereas the final recipients are endangered academics from Turkey.

Another output of these maps is to expose the support type of the funds and programs. One of the main assistance for endangered academics is coming from universities. Autonomous support is so far second, but their support mostly directly refers to endangered scholars. Municipal / Provincial /Local support is the least connected actor and is located in the periphery of this subject. State Support seems to be low in effect, but the reason of that could be the lack of knowledge about funds allocated. Also the map shows that State support is located between autonomous and university support. So, State support is a bridge actor which functions with foundations, initiatives, universities and institutions.

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